Solutions for Developers & Customer Experience Managers

Whether you're operating within a software development organization or more focused on brand management, managing the digital customer experience often requires more research than your staff allows. We can help.

Software development is expensive.

Developer time is costly and the to-do list grows everyday. We'll give you objective analysis and recommendations based on the latest research, so your team can stay focused on the code that delivers value.

Get it right the first time.

A weak digital experience will cost you customers and rebuilding an experience takes time--and funding--away from other projects. Whether you're planning wireframes or perfecting an experience ahead of a launch, usability studies from SBI will give you confidence that your task flows are efficient and your site is designed to drive conversions.

Then optimize.

Research shows that your customers will give your site about two seconds to load. Major retailers employ legions of user researchers to continually A/B test the tiniest design changes. Why? Because small improvements to the user experience translate to increased sales. Our cognitive walkthroughs, usability audits, and heuristic reviews will identify usability problems so you can feel confident you're not losing out on conversions.

We'll bring fresh perspective and actionable advice.

Even the most user-oriented teams become biased by their own familiarity with the brand, product, or category. After a while, all objectivity is gone and it's time for a fresh perspective.

Sometimes, your team already understands the changes that need to be made, but needs an objective outsider to present the harsh truth to a client. Employ our team to deliver the bad news so you can protect your client relationships.

Whether you're seeking guidance on a specific question, looking for an audit of a digital experience, or ready to solicit feedback from users, SBI can deliver the research and insights you need.

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Each of our projects is designed to address specific questions and needs, so you can feel confident you're maximizing your marketing budget and making the most of your digital experiences. Find some relevant expertise below, or contact us now.

  • Usability Audit: An in-depth analysis of the user journey to help you improve the user's experience and drive conversions.
  • Heuristic Review: We can provide fresh eyes and independent analysis of how your digital customer experience performs against specific criteria (defined by your needs). We'll identify problems and provide examples of best practices to help you refine and optimize your brand's digital presence.
  • Usability Research: An in-depth analysis of the user journey to help you improve the user's experience and drive conversions.
  • Audience Profiling: We can review and refine your understanding of your target audience, and then develop informal profiles or design personas to make user journey and UX decisions. We can also build more comprehensive marketing personas to drive marketing messages and strategies.
  • User Research: Sometimes, you need to hear directly from your users. Whether it's preparing a quick survey, testing the user's approach to completing specific tasks to refine a user journey, card sorts to refine the information architecture, or in-depth interviews to add depth to your understanding of an audience, we'll ensure that you realize the full benefits of the rare opportunity to hear the voice of the customer firsthand.

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